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Kwik Kleen

The Kwik Kleen grain cleaner was developed to assist the farmers with problems incurred while drying and storing grain. Removal of the fine material prior to drying and storing allows airflow through the commodity to occur more evenly and efficiently. The Kwik Kleen grain cleaner removes such “fine materials” as: Cracked kernels, weed seeds, and the “Bee’s wings” commonly found in corn.

In addition to its outstanding cleaning capabilities the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner works very well for sizing barley and other commodities.

Kwik Kleen grain cleaner is available in two sizes, Model 572, and Model 772. The first digit of each model indicates the number of grain cleaning tubes. All models are available with electric or Hydraulic drive mechanisms. The capacities of the grain cleaners range from 2500bph on the model 572, up to 3500 BPH on the Model 772. The screenings or tailings discharge auger is standard equipment on the 572 and 772. All screens are easily changed by one person and with over 20 screen sizes available, nearly all commodities can be accommodated.

The spring-loaded hopper, which is standard on both models of grain cleaner, allows for easy cleaner loading from end dump truck bodies, side dump wagons, or take-outs on grain storage bins.

Engineered and built with commonly sized and readily available bearings, belts, pulleys, chains and sprockets the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner can be easily repaired and running in short order resulting in minimal down time.

Kwik Kleen Operator Manual pdf
Kwik Kleen Brochure pdf

Patented Agitation Tabbed Augers for 360 Degree Cleaning Common used parts for easy repair – Reducing Downtime

Foldable – Attached Screenings Auger

click below to see video of Kwik Kleen in use

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